Dinamo fan shop

Dinamo fan shop

GNK Dinamo

Dinamo fan shop


GNK Dinamo opened its second official FanShop, this time in the center of Zagreb. The complete concept of the shop was designed in Sobočan design studio. Our goal was to design a contemporary shop that combines a premium look with a football atmosphere, through clear visual associations to the club.

Store layout in 3D view

In designing the composition of colors and materials, we gave space the recognizable blue color, enriched with wooden details. The shop covers 75 m2, in the front zone the emphasis is on items, while the back of the store is reserved for customer attractions: a wall of fame, a multimedia corner with a PlayStation and printing on jerseys. The interactive zone is visually treated in contrast to the rest of the shop, predominantly blue with an artificial grass floor, to attract users to the back of the store and to create a completely different ambiance.

Back of the store

The play of mirror surfaces appears in certain places to achieve the illusion of spaciousness. All equipment is designed exclusively for this store - mesh wall and center elements reminiscent of a football goal net, while at the same time offering high flexibility in use, combined with wood paneling for parts that are not focused exclusively on sales. The graphic elements in the space are used for stylized storytelling of the sport, so the walls are covered with graphics of football tactics, while the wallpaper in the locker rooms is reserved to remind of the club's past.  

October 15, 2019

Design and architecture/ Sobočan Design Studio - Anamaria Burazin (Head of design), Tamara Vidović (Architect)

Associates/ IPC Engineering

Graphic design/ Jan Pavlović

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