Pan-Pek concept

Pan-Pek concept


Pan-Pek concept


Designing the interior for a chain of bakery stores, we have created solutions applicable in several formats and sizes of facilities. We always associate bakery products with heat, sunrise, and natural materials, which is why we decided to use wood as the main material.

The solutions show 2 directions, the first direction is complete simplicity and purity that definitely highlights the products in the foreground.

Concept 1 - Kiosk
Concept 1 - Cafe

In the second solution we use the game of wooden slats and sheet metal surfaces as an association to the basket of bakery baskets. In larger formats where there are zones where customers stay and consume products, we have created a pleasant ambiance with hanging decorative lighting and soft lines of the proposed furniture.

Concept 2 - Kiosk
Concept 2 - Cafe

June 8, 2020

Creative concept and design/ Sobočan Design Studio -  Anamaria Burazin Eškinja (Designer), Tamara Vidović Zloušić (Architect), Ines Brezetić (Architect)

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