We Produce

We Produce

We use materials such as wood, metal and acrylics. And passion.

We are leaders in the European market in the production of high-quality furniture and equipment. We are one of the few space furnishing companies that process materials such as wood, metal, acrylic, mineral materials and a wide range of varnishes in one place. With us, craftmanship and high technology go hand in hand and offer you a wide range of possibilities.

12000 m2 of indoor production space

Everything is produced from under one roof.

We have already completed more than 8,000 projects all over the world – from petrol stations, supermarkets to hotels and sport stores.



In production we have a team exceeding the number of 150 employees. In their daily work, our employees use top-quality machines such as welding robots, CNC machines, lasers, welding wire plant, plasticizing line, and many others. We are constantly investing in the education of our employees and new technologies in order to keep up with the latest trends and enable maximum process optimization.


Source for our production

We work with wood, metal, plexiglass, mineral materials and glass. Our primary procurement of resources is from Croatian companies and suppliers. On our spraying line for painting wood, we use water-based varnishes (environmentally friendly), on the line for varnishing metals we use powder coating.


Quality management

Quality management supervises determination of a quality policy, creating and implementing quality planning and assurance, quality control and quality improvement. Quality management goal is to ensure that all activities and tasks achieve a desired level of excellence.



For a manufacturing company like ours, packaging plays an important role in delivering goods in the form in which they are produced. In the packaging process, our team focuses on the quality of product protection from all possible scenarios to which the product could be exposed during delivery. We make an extra effort to ensure that our product maintains the level of quality it had before that product left our factory.


Unique and everything from a single source.

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