Gas stations for MOL Group

Gas stations for MOL Group

MOL Group

Gas stations for MOL Group


Our long-term partnership with the MOL Group has brought us numerous projects that we have developed and optimized together with the client, and with each project we have tried to push the boundaries and create innovative solutions. Projects are fully organized and managed by our project team, which prepares project documentation for each project, which includes the development of technical performance plans and design adjustments to find the best solution.

After almost 10 years of business cooperation with the MOL Group, today we have more than 375 successfully realized project locations. Projects for INA branches extend from Slovenia and Hungary all the way to Montenegro, through Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to INA branches, we also operated numerous Tifon branches throughout Croatia.

May 1, 2020

Product design and production/ Sobočan -  Miljenko Horvat (Project Manager), Andreja Topolnjak (Project Manager), Damir Mikulić (Project Technologist)

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