Innovation and Technology Center

What is InTec?

Our innovation and technology center

InTec is located in the company's headquarters and its basic mission is to enable education and development of knowledge and technology, both of our employees and the entire local community and beyond.

The space combines a product presentation area, a classroom - education space, meeting rooms and a lounge area.



With more than 20 years of experience, we are one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Europe. Interior design and product design takes place under one roof and the project continues with the work of our development team and production. We are guided by the motto everything works!

We are a family company and this additionally motivates us to deliver top products made of the highest quality materials. We are one of the few manufacturers who work with wood, metal, acrylic and various varnishing techniques in one place. Sobočan design studio consists of six experts who offer clients support in the entire process of creating products and spaces.

Together with our clients, we use the power of design to generate innovative solutions. The combination of different experiences such as interior design, project management, product design and retail store design make this team competitive in the domestic and overseas market.

Caring for the environment is an integral part of our business and we can proudly say that we have big plans for the future. We started the green transition in 2016 with the construction of a wood waste incineration plant, and we marked the end of the first part of that transition with the opening of our own solar power plant.

The total investment in the construction of the solar power plant amounts to HRK 4.5 million, of which HRK 2.2 million is co-financed with European money, and the rest with the company's capital.

As many as 2,400 photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roof of the production hall, which will produce 900 kilowatt hours of power, thanks to which the company will cover almost 70 percent of the electricity needs from its own production in the future.

We can proudly say that Sobočan is one of the leaders and examples in the implementation of solutions based on renewable energy sources.

We generate about 70 percent of our revenues in foreign markets such as Germany, Austria and Italy. Our biggest foreign customers are Intersport, Crocs and MOL Group. Our biggest domestic clients are Ina, Tifon, Valamar, Imperial Riviera and Studenac.

Our employees and their satisfaction will always be our main driving force.

Intec process

Everybody are welcome to our Innovation center

Intec Center

Innovations and trends

Presentations and expert discussions on current trends in retail, retail, design, architecture, communication of space with customers and furnishing of sales and office spaces. Presenting innovative solutions in all spheres and categories of business. Development, prototyping and testing of these solutions.



Internal employee training and education for professionals and the general business public. Education and courses for pupils and students.



Presentations of new technologies and materials for the manufacture of furniture and equipment. Education on the application of new technologies and equipment in different categories of business.



Study visits by experts, students and pupils lectures and seminars for the local business community.


Local community

For organizing events and presenting its activities, the InTec space is available to all our members and the local community.

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