Innovation and Technology Center

What is InTec?

Our innovation and technology center

InTec is located in the company's headquarters and its basic mission is to enable education and development of knowledge and technology, both of our employees and the entire local community and beyond.

The space combines a product presentation area, a classroom - education space, meeting rooms and a lounge area.

Intec process

Everybody is welcome at our Innovation center


Innovations and trends

Presentations and expert discussions on current trends in retail, retail, design, architecture, communication of space with customers and furnishing of sales and office spaces. Presenting innovative solutions in all spheres and categories of business. Development, prototyping and testing of these solutions.



Internal employee training and education for professionals and the general business public. Education and courses for pupils and students.



Presentations of new technologies and materials for the manufacture of furniture and equipment. Education on the application of new technologies and equipment in different categories of business.



Study visits by experts, students and pupils lectures and seminars for the local business community.


Local community

For organizing events and presenting its activities, the InTec space is available to all our members and the local community.

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