We guarantee professional fitting from A to Z.

Unique and from one source: our versatile carefree package allows you to leave all your wishes and worries to our team.

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We Design
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We Design

Everything starts
with an idea.


First we focus on understanding all needs our clients have and the vision they want to achieve with the project.

Creative concept and design

Our team creates a creative and unique concept that is transformed into the design of space and spatial elements.

Detailed project

In this phase we prepare architectural documentation and everything that is necessary for product design - from detailed technical drawings to product prototype coordination.


Our development team is the bridge between the idea and creation.

Technical elaboration of the draft

In this phase we prepare technical documentation and everything that is necessary for the production.

Value engineering

This method tends to optimize function, quality, safety and costs, and the proper balance results in the maximum value of a product.

Production management

Production Management refers to the application of management principles to the production function in a factory.

We Develop
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We Produce
Procue list

Whatever you imagine we can create.


We are one of the very few producers that work with wood, metal, acrylics as well as different varnishing techniques in one place.

Quality management

Quality management goal is to ensure that all activities and tasks inside of the company achieve a desired level of excellence.


In the packaging process, our team focuses on the quality of product protection from all possible scenarios to which the product could be exposed during delivery.


Delivery is a serious job.

Logistics center

The equipment installation is performed by our team who underwent necessary training and acquired practical skills which in total guarantees an accurate and high-quality installation performance anywhere in the world.


Organizing everything that is necessary for the export and import of goods (documentation, organizing of transport, searching of best type of delivery, etc).

On time

Agreed delivery dates should be respected so that each subsequent phase of the project runs smoothly and on time.

We Deliver
We Support
Support list

Just challenges and solutions, no problems.


Our customer service is always there for you and we will be happy to answer your questions, make adjustments or replace parts when you need them to be replaced.


There is always room to improve the project through additional orders and changes that will improve the quality of the project.


For us, the care of project does not end after the opening, we are still available to our clients and follow them throughout the business process.


After our fitting, everything fits.


During installation, we provide professional and efficient installation teams that will do their job with care, even for the smallest of details.

On time

We respect the agreed deadlines and delivery dates so that our project can open its door according to the agreed plan.

Spotless work

After the installation, the space remains clean and ready for the final phase of the project.

We Install
Motaza list
Project in Ireland

One project in detail


Everything from one source

Design, production and fitting.

Everything from one source



Until all the goods have been delivered.




For the whole project period.




Distance from our production to the project location.



Assembly hours

Two weeks for 5050 square meters.

Assembly hours


Square meters

Project size.

Square meters
Everything begins with a hello

Let’s work together.

We look forward to your inquiry.

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