movo stand at the Design Week

movo stand at the Design Week

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movo stand at the Design Week


At the Zagreb Design Week, we presented our brand movo and its collection of six products for the first time.

We highlighted the exhibition space for movo - mobile office with a slightly elevated platform in yellow-green, which is part of the movo visual identity. The aim was to present all six models of folding tables that we arranged on the podium with the help of floor markings in a certain rhythm that creates the dynamics of the movement of visitors while leaving enough space to try and fold and unfold the tables. The exhibition platform on two adjacent sides is defined by partitions lined with laser perforated sheet metal in a neutral white tone with the movo illuminated logo and a TV screen with a video presentation of the flexibility in using Movo tables.

Background wall

September 2, 2020

Design and project management/ Sobočan Design Studio -  Anamaria Burazin Eškinja (Designer), Mirna Jović (Architect)

Production/ Sobočan - Matko Čalopek (Project Technologist)

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