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20th October 2021.
Sobočan News


At the SOBOČAN-interijeri headquarters in Mursko Središće a new Innovation technology center (InTeC) has been opened.


At the SOBOČAN-interijeri headquarters in Mursko Središće a new Innovation technology center (InTeC) has been opened. Main purposes of InTeC are development and implementation of individual and innovative solutions in business and retail space furnishing.


On Monday, 12th of October 2015, director Franjo Sobočan has officially opened InTeC presenting innovative furniture exhibits containing communication elements in the form of exchangeable graphics of large format. Specifically pointed out was an illuminated showcase that exclusively displays individual product with related motives.


InTeC is a multifunctional center with an aim to promote innovative retail space solutions, modern store concepts, implementation of high-quality materials and new technology processing in accordance with the products branding.

At the beginning of the program marketing and sales manager, Damir Vragović, presented the development path of InTeC (from idea to realization) and explained the vision and purpose of the center. He also presented several practice examples from Intersport Ireland and Intersport Slovenia.


With examples from longtime partner Intersport he introduced the audience to the very theme of the event - presentation of a new communication medium in large format.


This innovative and patented communication medium, add-cube, is designed for companies with proactive approach in communication with their customers, enabling them to demonstrate their products and services of superior quality and also creating a desired atmosphere in the retail space with emphasizes to retail design an architecture.


Particularly emphasized is the varied application of add-cube; expressing welcome, creating desired atmosphere, encouraging the customer to purchase, a tool for CROSS marketing campaign implementation and connection of media campaigns on the Internet and television to retail spaces.


InTeC associates have demonstrated the application of add-cube medium at various exhibits and thereby demonstrated advantages in practical application; large format, easy application, frequent graphic changes performed from the sales staff.


In further work of InTeC many architects, designers, project managers, students of required profiles and other professional public will be participating who are interested in promotion of their innovative product to their customers with the opportunity to present the applicability of the product in practice. InTeC is also intended for education, conferences, presentation ot the latest preliminary concepts to partners nationally and abroad as well as their testing in a simulated multimedia showroom space.


SOBOČAN-interijeri is a great example of a company that is successfully expanding its business in domestic and foreign markets by applying an innovative approach in expanding its services. Soon they will open an office in Zagreb in order to get closer to their customers and offer new creative solutions in the field of store and shop design and architecture of retail spaces, POS systems and display.

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