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Project title: Investment in the construction of the Sobočan solar power plant and energy efficiency measures

Total value of the project: HRK 4,054,385.80

EU co-financing of the project: HRK 2,241,996.58

Project implementation period: 1.9.2020.-31.7.2022.

The project is a candidate for the public call Increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources in manufacturing industries (KK. and is co-financed by the European Union - NextGenerationEU.


Project description:

The project includes a number of measures, the most significant of which is the construction of a solar power plant with a nominal power of 500 Kw on the roofs of the SOBOČAN business complex in Murski Središće. In order to increase the energy efficiency of the production process, we will replace energy inefficient equipment with efficient ones, and FLUO lighting fixtures in the production plant with LED lighting. In order to optimize energy consumption in the production process, we will introduce detailed monitoring of consumption by production units using smart meters.

The project goal:

By implementing the project, we will achieve the set goals:

Reduction of delivered energy to the project unit production plant by 650,542 kWh
Reduction of delivered energy to the project unit production plant by 60.30%
Increase in the amount of renewable energy in gross final energy consumption by 639,140 kWh
Reduction of CO2 emissions from the production unit by 214.68 t / year.


Contact person for information about the project:

Jako Horvat, strategic project manager



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