movo - our own brand

movo - our own brand


movo - our own brand


Working from home has recently become a growing global trend, meaning that more and more people are slowly abandoning their usual office routine. Thanks to the advanced technology, it is no longer necessary to work full time in a fixed office space to be a productive team member.

Movo is a mobile office unit, taking up minimum surface area and simultaneously facilitating maximum functionality and comfort. Upon the completion of today's work, movo transforms into an attractive designer element that fits perfectly with the interior of any home. Even though movo units are visually different, their unifying characteristics are mobility, foldability, lock-ability, storage space and integrated power outlets.

In just three steps your office is activated

The user can choose between six movo models and select the one that best reflects his/her character, style and work needs. The models are different in design, size, equipment and finishing materials. We also offer a possibility of personalization by applying brand colors and the company logo.


December 9, 2020

Sobočan Design Studio

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