Zoo City

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Zoo City

The well-known pet food and equipment chain ZOOCITY, which is also our long-term client, has undergone a complete transformation and "rebranding". They opened their new store in Osijek. For almost 400 m2 of retail space, we have produced all the equipment for displaying the offer. A three-layer fir board was used for parts of the shelves and the shelves themselves, suspended ceilings and small furniture. The visible cross-section of the three-layer panel harmoniously fitted into a series of details that did not require additional processing, but showed their original rawness and thus contributed to the casual experience of the interior.

Shop filled only with furniture we produced
Shop filled with products

January 20, 2021

Creative concept and interior design/ Behave (Creative concept), ZETHO (Architecture and design)

Production/ Sobočan -  Mladen Hrastić (Project Manager), Kristijan Čurin (Project Technologist)

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