Sobočan Design Studio

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Sobočan Design Studio

Office of Sobočan Design Studio is located in the business district of Zagreb, on 120 square meters. Designed primarily as a comfortable workspace characterized by warmth, dynamism, and airiness. The space is free of partition walls and formed as an open working space with a separate meeting room, small kitchen, toilets, and service space.


The interior is a combination of industrial charm and contemporary interpretation of retro furniture made of top-quality materials and carpentry details. The neutral color of the wooden fronts and gray horizontal surfaces is enriched with red and blue details. The entire interior and equipment are designed, developed and manufactured in Sobočan d.o.o.

Sobočan Design Studio

January 9, 2020

Design and architecture/ Sobočan Design Studio - Anamaria Burazin Eškinja (Head of design), Ines Brezetić (Architect)

Production/ Sobočan - Martin Vršić (Project manager)

Photography/ Ivan Šardi - CB media, Fabian Schmidtke - Passion2be

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