Running Gate

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Running Gate

Running Gate is sports equipment shop specialised for running created in collaboration of our studio for architecture and design with retailers and well known running enthusiasts - Kraljević brothers. New visual identity and store concept were developed specially for this shop, in which we tell story about six major marathons and running as a way of living. The idea is to create space for runners where they can relax, refresh and find the latest products and information related to running. It's a place that welcomes everybody from potential runners, recreative runners to professional runners. Complete interior equipment was designed, developed and manufactured in Sobočan.

July 8, 2017

Design and architecture/ Sobočan Design Studio -  Dijana Vandekar (Architect), Tamara Vidović (Architect), Anamaria Burazin (Product designer)

Graphic design/ Jan Pavlović

Production/ Sobočan

Photography/ Tomislav Koren

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